April 27, 2016

Take from the Poor and Give to the Rich

Take from the Poor and Give to the Rich

For as long as we can remember the media has portrayed the Republican Party as supporters of the wealthy and Democrats as advocates for the economically challenged. Recent administrative actions have suggested otherwise. Society is constantly told that small business is the “backbone of America” and that we were founded on the basis of those ambitious ideas. We are now in 2016 and it doesn’t quite seem like that’s the case does it? Recently administrative restrictions tend to aid the side of big business as opposed to the smaller local businesses when it comes to policies, especially those related to firearms and parts. Unnecessary amounts of restrictions and regulations with large fees leave small business owners no choice but to pull out of the market and close their doors simply because it’s no longer profitable nor feasible to keep them open.  Now the customers, who chose to support the small businesses, no longer have that option. They are forced to support large retailers, a perfect example of “Taking from the Poor and Giving to the Rich”. When drowning small businesses with restrictions and regulations does our nation’s government stop to consider the effectiveness of the legislative orders they are passing and what impact they are actually have on gun control and safety. Legislators should be forced to ask themselves the questions, was the legislation effective in improving gun safety or did it just put the poor man out of business? Perhaps the only impact the legislation had was satisfying public perception that we are part of a progressive movement.

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